Halloween is all about the scare factor but most of all it is about the fun and excitement factor that makes things memorable. What are you doing this Halloween this year? Are you planning in organizing a party or an event? Well no party is great without something special to talk about. You will need some games or activities in which that makes your event the must visit event this year. Here are some ideas for your event.If I were you I would organize an event which consists of Halloween based games all round one mega game that it will be based around. Most events will have a horror house why not take to another level and make it an escape room game?

Escaping requires the person work their way out of the room instead of just walking through a path getting jumped in by people screaming. It is more realistic and fun. Adding the scare when people are tense can be mind-blowing. The escape experience is something that you don’t find everywhere and you can gain a lot of crowd if the publicity and word of mouth goes nicely.

You should also have other small games to play like finding items in the dark. A pitch dark room with several soft items in it and you can give a certain amount of time for the group of people to find the items. The items must be felt and kept back in the same place and not brought out of the room. If you name all the items correctly you win a prize. Try to have weird items. Last time I went in to such a room, I found a mini Eifel tower, diving shoes, a cap and fake cut hand. Most of these items have no connection and feeling them gave curiosity.

Have you ever made a DIY bowling alley? Google how to do it, it is not something difficult to do. The catch here is you decorate the pins as ghosts or mummies. Basically you have to knock down the mummies. You can give prizes if they manage to get a strike in 3 attempts or something in those lines. It also depends on how easy it is to get strikes. If it is easy then getting one doesn’t even need luck to help out. Another small game can be a spider web game. Where the web is drawn all over the floor like a maze and you have to get to the other by only walking on the web. You can draw the web by a tape or a think rope. Have obstacles on the path ways so such not all paths can be travelled. Get you thinking hat out and have creative games. The more creative they are the better they will be.