Like many activities involving gunpowder, launching fireworks tends to be a somewhat risky business. The fascinatingly grisly array of injuries that have been incurred by those foolhardy enough to attempt their own pyrotechnics and special effects in Melbourne should be enough to warn everyone off of attempting their own DIY fireworks at home. Instead, it is much more advisable to leave it to the properly qualified professionals. Fireworks can make a great impact at all sorts of occasions, from birthdays to New Year’s Eve parties and so on, but nothing puts the dampener on a party more quickly than when someone loses an arm or suffers third degree burns to the face due to an accident with explosives. It is important to ensure that any professional pyrotechnicians you hire are, in fact, professional, and it is especially crucial to make certain that they hold sufficient liability insurance in the case that something does go wrong. 

Members of a crowd standing in the forecourt of a closed service station watching a fireworks display in the suburbs of Adelaide were severely injured a few years ago when an amateur trying their hand at pyrotechnics launched a firework into the closed petrol station, with predictably horrific results. In most parts of Australia other than the Northern Territory it is no longer lawful for untrained members of the public to buy or launch their own fireworks, due to the great risk involved. Even in the Northern Territory, amateurs may only buy and use fireworks at certain times of the year.

Professional pyrotechnics businesses are often also able to provide a range of other useful services, such as party lights hire, hiring out jukeboxes, or even pinball machine hire. These may possibly be of interest to you. Some general party stores and businesses are able to offer a pyrotechnics service, or advise you on one that they recommend. It is worth shopping around and asking for recommendations, because, like with many things, prices and offer high quality service can vary.

Similar to a home theatre systems in Brisbane, a complex display of fireworks involves many cables. Unlike that, however, it is within the inherent nature of fireworks to explode. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to follow a few common sense precautions around fireworks, which a competent pyrotechnician will likely explain anyway. Rather obviously, it is not advisable to smoke around fireworks. You should also be careful to keep any flames or sources of heat, such as barbecues, away from the fireworks. To minimise any possible risk of injury, it is advisable to not set up a fireworks display too far in advance. It is, however, often useful to do so in the greater visibility that is afforded by daylight, while it tends to be most effective to actually launch said fireworks after dark.